Welcome To Bristol Children's Contact Services

Bristol Children's Contact Services was developed to promote and support positive contact between children and their families. We have children's contact centre's across the city for this specialist use.


The main goal of Bristol Children's Contact Services is to facilitate and support contact between children of separated families. The service we provide aims to do this through our centre's by the creation of a warm, informal atmosphere in a comfortable and safe neutral environment. We also offer other services, which include, Independent Social Work Assessments, Appropriate Adult Services, Life Story work and much more. We offer HCPC registered social workers and enhanced DBS support staff who are flexible and able to support in many situations. Please Contact Us for more details of our extended services or use of our centres. 


We support cultural, educational and social community activities. Browse this website to find out more about our mission, news and upcoming events.

Bristol Children’s Contact Services aims to provide services that support vulnerable children and families. We are dedicated to providing effective positive contact and improving the experiences of children in our local community. Our Contact Centres can help enrich a child's experience of supervised contact.


Thank you for supporting our children.


Bristol Children's Contact Services